Wednesday, January 23, 2013

How To Generate B2B Leads On A Tradeshow

Much have been said about lead generation techniques and strategies, others stand the test of time yet others still fail to keep the business on track. There is indeed no secret formula in generating qualified business sales leads however, when right amount of effort and comprehensive planning are carried out, you will one way or another hit the perfect pitch.

Take the process of trade shows for instance. Presently, studies show that business after business use trade shows to generate leads than other marketing tactics, yet the inabilityof these businesses to generate enough leads to augment their sales still remains to be the major hurdle that blocks their way to success.

  • So to help you bring this essential step into the light, here are some tips to drive your sales leads and your ROI even higher on a tradeshow event: 
  • Do a thorough research about your attendees especially the ones that are on your list of targets. Sponsors shouldn't also be disregarded and they should be visible on the event website. 
  • Days, or even moths before your event, take time to actively engage your presence in the social media by connecting with your attendees and your prospects; tweeting and updating your blogs regarding your event will definitely do. 
  • Cooperate with your event organizers for you to be able to attract and acquire better attendees.
  • Initiate conversation with your attendees and provide them as well with relevant and necessary contents about your product. Also, show them that you highly value their time by not overfeeding them with information, rather doing it clearly and concisely. 
  • Focus on the attendees who express interest towards your product and try to manage them very well by catering to all their concerns and needs. 
  • Doing a follow up day before your event will give you a greater possibility of a having a smooth and well organized trade show, however, when doing a follow up, try not to sound too pushy but be responsive when deemed necessary.

Events marketing such as tradeshows is proven to be an effective venue for a b2b lead generation campaign. Why not consider hosting or even just joining business tradeshows and start generating qualified business leads.

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