Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Dealing With Price Objections In Lead Generation

When you face a price objection from your business prospects during your lead generation and appointment setting campaign, do you immediately go on the defensive? If you do, do not be surprised if you do not get any B2B leads at all. Price objections are just a normal part of your daily sales operation. Knowing how to deal with them effectively can mean a great deal in terms of generating sales leads. But the challenge here is how you should do it. What should you be saying to prospects in order to get a positive response from your business prospects?

  1. Discuss the costs early and often – this will help you frame just how much exactly your business prospect is willing to pay for your offer. Usually, once the price range has been mentioned, it will be easy enough for both of you to reach a comfortable pricing model.
  2. Know the value of a perfect outcome – in some cases, prospects object to a price because they failed to get the desired results at that price from your competitor. While this can provide an opportunity for you, this can also create the challenge of knowing how much is the prospect’s perceived value of a perfect delivery. 
  3. Help the prospect look at the problem in different lens – sometimes, a problem may have a certain price to be solved because the prospect was looking at it from only one (and costly) perspective. Help your prospect see things in a different light, and you will be able to handle cost objections better.

This, in turn, will make your lead generation campaign much more successful.