Friday, October 12, 2012

Can AIDA Work In Lead Generation?

One of the most common marketing guides that sale representatives use in their campaigns is the AIDA. It works as a sort of bread crumb trail, or perhaps a checklist, that guides them on what they should do when meeting prospects, either through telemarketing or social media. But how does this work? Will it also apply in your lead generation campaign? Can this aid your appointment setting specialists in clinching business meetings? How will it translate to getting better B2B leads? Let us examine each.

    A (Attention) – you need to get the attention of your prospects. It can either be through some presentation, witty one-liners, or anything. The important point to remember here is value.

    I (Interest) – once you have grabbed the attention of the prospect, the next step would be to fan their interest on the topic. Provide relevant information, add useful details, as well as describe the things your offer can do for them.

    D (Desire) – the next step is to fan their desire. Sales leads are best generated by people who know how to appeal to the emotions of the prospects. Emotions can be powerful triggers for a prospect

    A (Action) – the last step of the process, and the one that will determine the success of your campaign. This is where you compel your prospect to buy or sign up for your offer.

One more thing, to be successful in lead generation, you must be honest as well. Together with AIDA, you can be sure to be more effective in generating B2B leads.

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