Monday, August 6, 2012

Three Ways To Succeed In Appointment Setting

Do you know how to be more successful in your appointment setting campaign? It lies on how you deal with your prospects. This is the truth. No matter how elaborate your advertising is, the main point is how you handle your sales leads generation in relation with your prospects. How do you talk to your prospects? How do you interact with them? All these can influence your ability to generate qualified B2B leads. Are you skilled it handling the task? If not, you can always give the job a competent and professional telemarketing company? But it still pays to know what you need to succeed. And these are:

  1. Begin with a general agenda –each call is unique, so you cannot use a specific script for every call. It is better for you to talk to prospects about a main agenda. From there, you can work your way towards the point where the prospects might become qualified sales leads.

  2.  Do not lecture prospects – you might be surprised to discover that the person you are speaking with is actually more knowledgeable about your offer than yourself. That is why it is best to approach each call with the assumption that the prospect knows more than you. Less likely to offend than if you begin lecturing.

  3. Tailor your sales presentation – a sales pitch is basically a drag. A better option is to tailor your proposal based on what you have learned from prospects, using what you have learned to craft a viable solution.

Keep that in mind, and your appointment setting campaign will be a success.

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