Saturday, May 4, 2013

Margaret Thatcher And Why Appointment Setters Need To Be Like Her

With the recent announcement of Margaret Thatcher’s death, the whole world mourns the passing of another political icon. Some economists will remember her fondly, but certainly some people will deride her. But what made her click with the populace? What made her such a strong personality in the country? Why should we try emulating her in our business, especially in our B2B appointment setting efforts? Plenty

For starters, Thatcher was an uncompromising leader. She knows what she wants, and can find the means to make sure it stays that way. In our case, we often fall into this common trap of accepting demands of our sales leads prospects, even though we are unable to do it. This creates an unfavorable situation for your company.

Another is her understanding of when to back off. During her tenure, when the nurses’ union threatened to strike, she compromised. She was simply not prepared for it. But during the coal miners’ strike, she had enough ammunition to silence them. In your business’ case, if you think the profits from potential B2B leads is not worth the effort in your lead generation campaign, you should stop.

Lastly, Thatcher was an astute politician. She is aware of what her party (and the country) requires of her, and she delivers. That is why she stayed in power. As an entrepreneur, you should be aware of what the market and your customers need. Based on that knowledge, you can craft an effective social media and telemarketing message that will attract their attention, meet up with you and, ultimately, buy or sign up with you.

Truly, Margaret Thatcher was a force to be reckoned with. She is someone worthy of emulating in your appointment setting campaign.

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